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Entertainer Code; M110

Magician M110 has entertained and amazed guests at all kinds of event all over Scotland. He won the 2012 award for ‘Best Entertainer’ in Scotland (non musical), not to mention a finalist at the ‘International Wedding Industry Expert Awards 2012’.

He is a member of the International Magicians Society and a member of Equity with full Public Liability Insurance cover.

This talented magician can provide different types of magical entertainment to suit the type of event and working environment. He performs only high quality magic, combining classic magic pass down from the masters of the past with modern cutting edge magic often seen on TV.  Seeing magicians on TV is one thing, watching them perform magic right up close in front of you is a totally different experience, which never ceases to amaze. When you are that close to your audience, you have to be very good as there are no retakes, no smoke, no mirrors, no assistants and nowhere to hide!

Wedding Magician
This kind of magic is a perfect ice breaker during the photos and drinks reception or early during the evening reception when things tend to be a bit quiet. He will get your guests smiling, laughing and of course get them standing there, with their mouths wide open and a totally confused look on their faces. This makes for some great photos, so make sure the camera is ready to snap away. You will have lots of photos and memories you and your guests will treasure for years to come.

Magic For Exhibitions & Tradeshows

So you’ve spent a fortune on your exhibition stand, just like every other company. Remember, no matter what the product is they are promoting, EVERY stand at an exhibition is your competitor. Why, I hear you ask?
You are competing for each potential customer’s time! So you have to have a strategy that makes you stand out from the crowd and makes sure these potential clients are spending time on your stand and not your competitors.

Enter the magician!

This magician is not just your average entertainer, he also a trained marketing professional in his own right, having been trained at Robert Gordon University, which he put into practice in the Oil & Gas Industry.
He knows what your aims are and he will weave his magic to ensure he attracts people on to your stand.
Once he has a few people around him, the rest will follow like sheep. It’s human nature, once people start to gather, other people will be drawn in because they want to see what all the fuss is about and they don’t want to miss out. Part of a magician’s performance is humour, so all these potential clients will be smiling and laughing while watching the magic.

Enter Your Sales Team!

Other stands will now be looking at the crowd around your stand, green with envy!

Your staff, now have all the tools to start generating leads!
The first thing is people. If you don’t have enough people coming on to your stand then you won’t generate enough leads.
The second tool is humour! These potential clients have been walking around the exhibition, pounced on by people trying to sell them something. They are not in a mood to be sold to. The humour injected by the magician will change that. Laughing is infectious and will make people feel good, the perfect time to talk to someone about your service or product. This generates a higher conversion rate.

The third tool is the ‘Ice Breaker’.  If someone walks on to your stand and you immediately try and sell them something without the ‘Ice Breaker’, then your conversion rate won’t be too impressive.  Your plan of action should be this.

Get your staff to stand on the outer edges of the group that are watching the magician. They need to be alert and aware of everyone that is there. While your potential clients are watching the magician, they should be browsing the name badges and company details of the individuals. They need to choose who they are going to approach (those more likely to be interested in what you have to offer) and stand next to them. At the appropriate moment, at the end of a particular trick, this is a perfect ‘Ice Breaker’ moment where your staff member can speak to the person and say something like “wow, isn’t that amazing, I’ve been standing here watching him for ages and I still can’t work out how he does it!”. They need to add another sentence or two as well, to pave the way.
The ice has now been broken, you are now on the same level as the potential client and it’s time to talk about your product or service.
The magician is happy to chat with you before the day, so who can tailor his services to fit with what you do. Where possible he will try and incorporate your product or service in to the performance. He will work with you as part of the team to ensure your goals

Comments From Previous Clients

1.     "He performed for us at our Charity Burlesque Ball and absolutely blew us all away. His performance was flawless, his style was unique, funny and captivating. With a big stage and a full house it can often be difficult for performers to hold a restless crowd's attention but this magician kept every bum on the edge of it's seat. Great performance and would come highly recommended.
We also had a sneak preview of his close-up card magic backstage it was every bit as captivating as the stage show. I really can't say enough nice things about him." – Jacqueline, Hero Next Door, Aberdeen

2.     "This magician came and performed at my graduation meal in July to an audience that included children, parents and friends. He had a trick to surprise everyone. The children (aged 3 and 6) were amazed by the magic and the adults were even more amazed! The tricks he performed were out of this world, they really made you think. I won't ruin any surprises if you have booked him but all I will say is that they were mind blowing!!!! He even added comedy to the show.
There was a couple of sceptics at the meal and even they couldn't believe their eyes. I would highly recommend booking him for any event. Such a lovely, professional guy with even better tricks. Who ever said magic isn't real?!Vanessa Roberts, Aberdeen

3.      "We had the pleasure of booking this magician to entertain us at the 5 card trick, an evening in Babylon for singles and their chaperones to party! His close up magic was fantastic and kept the guests entertained whilst they all got to know each other. His whole attitude from initial contact to the evening itself was amazing and although extremely professional, dealt with us in a completely relaxed and friendly way, grasping the concept of what we needed and wanted immediately! Cant wait to book this man again! Thank you isn’t a strong enough word!" Ruth - See Saw Events.

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